Welcome...Wyatt James Delmore!

I'm not all about birthing or the human anatomy these days and yet my friends Ryan and Sarah Delmore just can't stop reproducing! So, my girlfriend Anna (Sarah's sister) has me come to the hospital to drop off a sweater for her before the babys born and I honestly felt like I was being tricked into being there for the whole messy birthing process!

I took a few pictures and got out before things started emerging. By the time my hair was cut and some errands had been run, Wyatt had arrived into this world around 3:30pm.

Upon my return to the hospital I took some more pictures... this time with Wyatt outside of the womb. And then i got to hold him and it seems to makes sense why people love babys so much. They can do nothing but trust you and accept all the love that is showered upon them. They are like perfect little people.... and then they learn to speak.

Here are a few shots of little Wyatt James Delmore. I think this is the shot of they day, however, taken be my lovely lady herself. Anna knows babys... being an auntie of 4 and all. I should totally hire her. ;)