So Many Weddings!

Well, It's Saturday and I'm off to Paso Robles in a couple of minutes to shoot another 2 weddings in the next two days. Last weekend was sort of my summer kick-off with a double header to start. (You would think I was a sport's guy by those last two metaphors...but I'm not!) Anyways.... Before I go I wanted to share a couple of Images from last weekend. It was so much fun! I woke up Monday morning, not exhausted, but energized, inspired, and excited about this full year of weddings ahead.

Denton and Sadye's wedding was on Sunday. We had become such good friends during the couple times we had met, I knew this wedding was going to be amazing. However, It was truly magical.... Set in the enchanted forest of Nipomo (it's a secret enchanted forest). They had rosebuds, origami swans, and lights hanging from the giant oak trees overhead. The decorations were simple yet so well used... You really felt like there was romance floating around in the air, especially when the couple released the butterflies! I will admit I almost shed a tear during that part of the ceremony. I really love my job!

They finished off the day with a little reception at Guisseppies in Pismo Beach. I had so much fun dancing and hanging out with they're guests that I didn't want to go home. Check out just a few more of they're images here.

And here are a couple shots my trusty assistant, Mr. Simon Jones captured...