Omega finally got married!

...and I can only say this because I was Omega's roommate for a year. We shared an awesome house in Cayucos where we could see the ocean from our front room. I've always known Omega to be this rogue, independent, surfs when he wants, works when he wants, hangs out when he wants. Over the years I've known him we have become good friends, the kind that can go for weeks without seeing each other and then its like it hasn't been weeks.

Well, I guess everything changed for Omega when he met Kristin. She was the girl next door (yes, our Cayucos beach house) and he recounts that she had a boyfriend at the time that he began to take notice. One afternoon they ran into each other and she delivered the news that she had broken up. Omega didn't waste anytime. They became fast friends and I began to see them everywhere together.

Getting to know Kristin I have found her to be an amazing woman and the perfect compliment for my friend Omega. She is integerous, generous, compassionate and adventurous. Did i mention she races motorcycles for fun?! She is almost too much for Omega to handle...almost. She is definitely too cool. Here are a couple of my favorite moments from their day. It was an honor to be a part of my friend's day!

All I can say Omega.... is, She WILL get you back!