Wahl Boards

My good friend Karen Wahl called the other day to ask me to shoot a picture of her dad, PJ, in the shaping room. I was really excited because I have wanted to photograph a shaper ever since I saw Aaron Lloyd shape a board at Channel Islands a few years back. I've suggested it to PJ and Karen before, but there was never any need. Recently PJ has been shaping a lot more boards and opening up new accounts with some local surf shops. As any business owner knows there is a desperate need to stand out among the competition. What PJ offers is a personal touch, an experienced hand and a love for the art and joy of surfing. His daughter Karen designed this little history flyer that will be posted on all outgoing boards. It will offer the consumer the opportunity to get to know the man behind Wahl Boards and a chance to support a local shaper who has really done so much to inspire and support this community for over 25 years.

Born and raised on the Central coast, PJ Wahl began surfing at the age of 12. When his treasured ten foot Yater Spoon was finally damaged beyond repair, he stripped the glass and reshaped the board into an 8'6". That ignited a passion for shaping that has now lasted for over 38 years and resulted in the shaping of over 7,000 boards. His boards have been surfed by pros, a national champion and hard-core soul surfers around the globe. Not only is PJ among the first shapers on the northern Central Coast, he is also a surfing pioneer as well. Graduating early from high school, PJ left for Kauai in the spring of 1971 where he learned to ride Hawaiian Juice. Later that year and before surf travel was in vogue, he started exploring waves from Canada, through the Panama Canal and Central America regions. His travels have resulted in a broad knowledge base for making surfboards that work in all wave conditions. PJ Wahl is an authentic surfer and shaper whose pioneering spirit is reflected in every board he makes. In a day driven by robotics and molds, each Wahlboard is hand crafted by PJ himself and glassed by craftsmen that surf.

So, if you are looking for a new surfboard, go to CCS or Esteem to pick up a genuine hand crafted Wahl Board. You will be stoked for sure!

I also got a couple shots of Karen's son, Gideon, who I LOVE and who I had the privilege of photographing his very first week of life. He is the baby currently featured in my webgallery. It is crazy how quickly they grow and develop personalities and learn to walk. Gideon has always been a heavy drooler. That's why I had to post the picture of him picking up the hose with a stream of goo falling from his wet bottom lip. Ahh..... The life of a 1 year old!