Bryce & Harmony

I just had the opportunity to shoot some good friends engagement pictures! Bryce was a roommate of mine about 4 years back. He was one of the best roommates ever! He was always friendly and fun to hang out with... He was consistently respectful and always shared whatever he had. He would also randomly tackle cleaning up the moldy grapefruit that constantly covered our backyard. Thanks again Bryce! Harmony has been a great friend for even longer than Bryce. I met her when we went to church together in college. She is now part owner of the best salon in San Luis, Reveal Salon!

It's always exciting to see two people you love get together. Both Bryce and Harmony have such refreshing personalities and dispositions that I really believe their friendship-marriage will be a delight well into grey hair and wrinkles. I am looking forward to shooting their wedding here in just 4 short weeks in Arroyo Grande!