Kelly Shaw

Wow! I can't believe the summer has ended! I feel like I sneezed, shot a million weddings and all of sudden fall is peeking it's head out like groundhog day and kids are off to school... Even though the summer has come to an end, my busyness hasn't. Weddings are still happening every weekend for me well into November. (Just a couple more months and I can breathe!) I think I might deserve a month's vacation soon. ;)

Well, with school back in session high schoolers have been hitting me up for senior portraits. Early on when I began my business, I thought I would step in on the senior portrait market and clean up with my original 'Ingalls' style and get a lot of clientele that were looking for something different, more real, more artistic. After a couple years of doing everything from weddings to kids.... I decided to call off advertising senior and family portraits and really specialize in what I feel that I am primarily called to; weddings. Well, somehow, I keep getting calls for senior pictures. I think I have only like 5 this season which is manageable amidst my busy wedding schedule.

Here are a couple that I took of the sweetest girl ever, Kelly Shaw. We hit up an old book store downtown that caught my eye a few days previous. I scoped it out and asked the owners if it would be cool for me to take some senior photos in there. They were cooperative and agreed it would be cool. When I shyly suggested to Kelly we shoot in the old bookstore she was excited, 'I love books!' she exclaimed. Perfect... This idea was just for her.