Uncle Sauce

I love being an uncle! Getting married has initiated my adoption into uncle-dome. I have a niece, 3 nephews and a 4th on the way. We had such an awesome spring day Sunday afternoon with the Delmore tribe over at our house. Katie squeezed about a hundred lemons to make lemonade from our trees in the front yard. Wyatt did a lot of smiling and drooling while the two other boys were running wild shooting bee-bee guns in the backyard and hitching scooter rides with their dad and me.

Oh yeah, they call me ‘Uncle Sauce’. It started with my random nickname ‘Camsauce’ which they used to call me in the pre-marriage stage. The oldest kid, David, couldn’t wait to call me Uncle and often got scolded by his mother because he started with the ‘Uncle-Sauce-business’ while Anna and I were still just dating. Now they can call me Uncle-whatever-they-want-to and I love it!

Wyatt is un-officially sponsored by Toothless Heros.

Here is the Delmore tribe (minus Wyatt) in all their glory just 2 months ago at my wedding.