Wilson + Stacey!

Wilson and Stacey were married at the coolest cement and stained glass chapel last weekend! Their reception was at the Kohl Mansion just minutes South of San Fransisco. Stacey's family is from the area, but Wilson and Stacey live in New York. I had the pleasure of shooting their engagement pictures in New York when I was out there in November for a wedding. At the time I had just proposed to my wife and they were one of the first couples to hang out with us as 'newly engaged'. It was really fun sharing our fresh story with them in New York at that cool little bakery in Greenwich Village. They shared their love story and we shared ours. It was just a real pleasure to photograph this couple on two different coasts.

The whole vibe of their wedding was celebration and love. It was amazing; there seemed to be absolutely no stress at all. Stacey was calm and peaceful, a true professional bride! They were both a bit nervous being the center of attention, but pulled it off beautifully. Enjoy some of the highlights!

This is a picture of Vision Church, Wilson and Stacey's church family that came all the way out from New York. I shot off a couple of shots of them and then Wilson called for a Chinese portrait. Immediately everybody’s faces went dead-pan. I was thrilled as I quickly pulled out the fish eye and got this serious shot!

Here are some more beautiful shots that we got in the gardens of the Mansion. This bridal party was so much fun!