Jerome + Rebekah

Jerome + Rebekah are getting married on the famous date seven-seven-of-OH-seven! I don't know how many inquiries I have had about this date, but if I could have booked them all I wouldn't need to work the rest of the year! I am really excited that it was Jerome + Rebekah who got me for this most popular date. They are an incredible couple who has been through a lot recently since Jerome had a motocross accident that broke his back 2 years ago. Rebekah tells me that the positive way Jerome has embraced life since the accident has resulted in much inspiration and hope to all that they know and love. I know that I am encouraged to remember that life is a gift and everyday a privilege.

Their wedding is taking place at Jerome's father's house, where we took their engagement pictures. It is a beautiful secluded house on top of a mountain overlooking a part of San Luis I think I have only viewed from an airplane. They love to have BBQ parties here anyways and since the house has undergone a bit of remodeling they have had to hold off for a season. Which means... this is going to be the party of all parties for their family and friends! Jerome even invited me to bring my shotgun as they are planning a skeet-shooting hour. I cannot wait!!! It will be really cool to get shots of Jerome and Rebekah holding shotguns in full wedding attire. I might have to get a couple of real shots myself of some flying skeet. Stay tuned…

I just recieved this email from Rebekah. I truly believe that LOVE is divinely powerful and I am excited to see all that it will accomplish in this miraculous relationship!

"Our story.... hmmm. Jerome and I were both friends for three years prior to realizing that we were made for each other... both of us were completely in the dark as to how well we would fit each other. My group of friends and His group of friends all went on trips together, celebrated Holidays together and basically hung out together all of the time. However, Jerome and I never got a chance to hang out alone and really get to know each other personally. I don't really know how it transitioned but after three years of being acquaintances, we began to hang out separate from the group....then we realized that we really enjoyed each others company and so WE began.

Then a month after we decided to be exclusive Jerome went to race the Baja 1000, in Baja Mexico and that was when Jerome broke his back. Being that we were still such a new couple I didn't know what to do...should I go to San Diego? Would Jerome want me there?... but then I realized that no matter where we would go romantically I knew that I wanted to be there for Jerome as a friend, so I flew to San Diego as soon as I found out where they had air lifted him. That was the beginning of building the best relationship that I have ever found or known. Jerome and I just got closer and closer, I never knew that I could become so close to someone. Going through what we went through, could in some cases cause strain on the relationship, but in our case, we just became stronger. Jerome, in our minds, will walk again. His spinal cord was not severed in the accident it was just really, really bruised. When he crashed he laid there for four hours waiting for the helicopter to come and get him. I believe that if he were in the United States Jerome would be walking today, but then we would have missed out on the experience...the ride that we have been on these last 4 years. Neither one of us would change it for the world. Everything happens for a reason... Jerome and I believe that completely. Thank you, Cameron for sharing this with us!! We are soo excited to have you and Anna be part of our wedding."