TRANSFORMERS... more than meets the eye?

I just signed a release with DreamWorks Productions to have this image used on the set of the up and coming Transformers movie. I made 10 Sparrows Gate posters and sent them priority overnight so that they could be ready for Production to begin shooting today. The plan is for the posters to be hanging in the little girl's room where the Transformers story begins to unravel.

It turns out that Micah from Sparrows Gate has a friend who is the set director for the movie. She loves helping out indie bands get known as much as possible and asked if they had any posters to spare. They didn't, so we went ahead and made up a mock tour poster and had them printed on really nice paper at DPI. The image really looks great on the 11x17 matte paper we decided to use.

Usually these things are of the stuff that never work out. However, it appears that unless the director changes his mind at the last minute (which can happen) Sparrows Gate should be making its first ever movie cameo. I am really excited for the guys and hope that it is only the first of many opportunities to increase their exposure. They are really great dudes and Zeb & Anthony have been like little brothers to me ever since they moved here from Florida like 8 years ago. We met in Cayucos when they used to skateboard downtown everyday and break into my apartment to steal cookies. Zeb was the 13 year-old drummer and lead screamer of their hard core band 'Rusted Nails' and Anthony, a short 11 year-old guitar rocker with a tall bright blue Mohawk.

It's been fun to watch them grow up (literally) and evolve musically. Years ago Zeb picked up the guitar and began writing more progressive melodies, leading him to the formation of Sparrows Gate. I really love their music and their hearts. These are some talented young men who deserve to do what they love and love what they do.

Be sure to check out Transformers next year to see if you can catch a glimpse of Sparrows Gate in the background. Until then here is the teaser.