Mike & Meghan

Have I mentioned that I love my job?! I guess not many people can say that...

Today I had the privilege of shooting at one of my favoritist venues around the Central Coast, Swallow Creek Ranch. Mike and Meghan were just awesome! When we met up months ago to do their engagement shoot, Mike assured me that he was not photogenic. After a little pep talk and a beer we cruised the beach of Cayucos and then to a shore cliff overlooking the ocean where he proposed, practicing for the wedding. I encouraged him to make Meghan feel loved and adored and that the pictures would turn out perfect! I think the engagement session was good practice because today the two of them were just straight rockin' it. Here are a few from the top of the mountain.

What really stood out to me today was the way that Mike simply adores Meghan. He commented on feeling like the luckiest guy in the universe and Meghan really soaked in that love. I think that really makes all the difference. It makes my job a joy when people are spilling over with their love for one another. By the end of the night Meghan said to me, "I'm married! That's my husband. I'm a wife now! This day was perfect! I really love this day!" I was more than pleased that Mike and Meghan thoroughly enjoyed all of today.

P.S. Funny thing about Meghan is... She was my girlfriend's bestfriend in Jr. High. It really is a small world! Anna and I recently watched footage from her sister's wedding which was 10 years ago and there was this awesome moment when Meghan was singing along to 'Hotel California' or something and Anna was playing the air guitar. Would it be completely unprofessional to share a video clip taken from my camera phone? Hope you don't mind Meghan!

(My girlfriend is the blonde beauty on the left handling the invisible axe)