Tim + Mindy {Engagement, San Luis Obispo}

I love engagement sessions because they are like double dates. My wife and I tag team the conversation and creative picture taking ideas. The engagement session is always the best way for me to really get to know a couple before their wedding day.

It turns out that Tim and Mindy are stinkin awesome! On the surface they appear quite and reserved, but as we got to know them we discovered that they are really a lot of fun!

From the first time we met Tim and Mindy they expressed a deep appreciation for my photography, which in turn, translated into a great engagement shoot. It really makes my job a heck of a lot easier when people believe in me and my skills. Anytime I suggested something random they were more than willing to try it out. I have been eye-balling an old laundry mat for awhile and I knew this was a great opportunity to turn it into a backdrop for some awesome pictures. Tim and Mindy just played along.