From Cancun With Love

Lets just say its been a hard week at the office and that is why I have been unable to blog much. We are in Cancun, Mexico for Steffan + Suzettes destination wedding. They got married on Tuesday but Anna and I decided to stay all week to make it an end of the year bonus honeymoon trip. We have totally enjoyed our alone time this week together! Aside from the wedding having the fun-nest dance party reception of my lifetime we have been having a blast swimming in underground rivers and zip-linning over the Mayan forests. I will blog pictures from the gorgeous wedding next week and a little bit from our adventures. We fly home today and tomorrow are going to Disneyland with my wifes side of the family. It will be chaotic Im sure but fun none the less watching my niece and nephews run around enjoying D-land at its best for Christmas.