Steffan + Suzette {Wedding, Cancun~Mexico}

I LOVE shooting destination weddings! I just have to say that upfront. Steffan and Suzette
flew my wife and I to warm and sunny Cancun, Mexico a week ago to shoot their wonderful wedding. It is awesome that I started out 2007 shooting a Mexico wedding in Cabo San Lucas and I ended it shooting theirs in Cancun. I think I should start a tradition. ;) The winter is really the best time to visit Mexico because it isnt crazy hot; its just perfect!

Why Mexico? Steffan and Suzette have enjoyed a few vacations in Cancun so it holds a lot of special memories for them, including Steffans proposal. I was amazed that they had about 80 people join them for a week of celebrating and relaxing. But then again, Im not surprised because they are an amazing couple and threw a fantastic party!

Anna got this shot of a sun-bathing iguana on the Hilton lawn. She crept up close and let out a shriek when it scurried into the bushes.DJ Mel ~The Five Footed Pilipino flew out for the wedding as well. I have never seen a DJ get people dancing like I have Mel. He knows how to spin and mix and scratch and have a blast while working the party.One of Suzettes bridesmaids was Cheryl from a wedding I shot back in August. I actually met Steffan and Suzette at Brian and Cheryls wedding and thats how I got to go to Mexico for their amazing wedding. Its so much fun seeing couples I have photographed because they are like old friends. It was great seeing you guys again!
They had an authentic cigar-ista who rolled a Cuban cigar for every guest! The guys loved it but then again so did the ladies. I dont know what it is about destination weddings, but the guests are so much more free to celebrate. Maybe its the warm weather in winter. Maybe its the complimentary cigars. Maybe its the awesome club style music. Maybe its the open bar and just maybe its all of the above. Thanks so much for having us. We truly enjoyed you and your peeps. Have and amazing life together!