Tim and Adria's wedding was simply AWESOME!

Tim and Adria had a really simple wedding. Because they don't like to be the center of attention they invited about 10-15 family members for the ceremony and had the rest of the 150 guests show up an hour later for the reception. It has been so awesome to meet and get to know this couple and their families. From the beginning of the day I felt right at home and by the end I knew that I was among close friends.

Adria was a star-bride! She was calm and collected when getting ready. Her mother actually had to keep reminding her not to help so much but to allow herself to be taken care of. She was wonderful in front of the camera which was amazing because prior to the engagement session she confessed that she didn't really like getting her picture taken. I really believe that the engagement session helped her to let go on the day of her wedding and just be herself. I found that she has a very sophisticated beauty. She is very much a lady and this was her definitely her day! We got so many diverse pictures of them as a couple.

The interesting thing about the place where they got married is it is an old school house right next door to my grandparents old house. I grew up playing in the backyard right over the fence! A family moved up from Miami Beach just 5 years ago to escape the rat race and raise their kids in 'the country'. Before moving in they gutted it and completely restored the house inside and out. It really has turned out beautiful with gardens on every side and a new in-ground swimming pool. This venue is sure to become a new hotspot for outdoor country weddings!