Bryce and Harmony are Married!

And I say it like this because it really is a BIG DEAL. This couple is one that everyone knew would get married the moment they started dating. They did the whole date for awhile break up for awhile thing so that they knew that they knew it was for sure. I don'’t blame them; I'm just glad that Bryce got his act together. ;)

I have never photographed a more excited bride! What really stood out to me was how present she was during the entire course of her wedding. She really embraced all of the emotions and moments that came with the day. I don't think a thing was missed. There were tears, butterflies, hugs, kisses, laughter.... During the ceremony Harmony was so joyful that she jumped up and down on stage, clapped her hands, waved at people in the audience and even let out little shrieks of delight. It was a really fun ceremony to witness! There were a few times when I laughed out loud along with the rest of the guests. They finished up their party at the beautiful Victorian Pitkin Conrow Estate in Arroyo Grande.

All I can say is that it was really great to be a part of my friend's wedding like this. I remember a couple of years ago talking with Harmony about her dream to find the right man. At the time I was sharing with her my dream for my photography business. It really is amazing where God takes us through life's journey! His dreams are always bigger and more exciting than the ones that we can conjour up. I am happy to see such incredible people find each other. They will be a couple that will persevere through the years and still enjoy holding hands well into years of gray hair and wrinkles. Congratulations friends!

This little guy, Josiah, is my new apprentice. I really think Josiah has a shot a photography, especially if he starts so young. His dad, Jerami, and I have known each other 10 years and I was actually the best man in his wedding. Jerami, Bryce and I were all roommates a few years back. It feels like just yesterday that we were all bachelors living in a house on Madonna road. Most everyone is married now...Witht kids coming out of their ears! Well, hopefully Bryce has a couple years ahead of him before the kids start to come.

If you haven't seen their engagement pictures you've gotta take a look. We ventured around downtown and the Mission for some romantic and fun shots. You can still view them in my blog archives here.