Going to New York City!

On Thursday I will be taking flight on yet another Wedding Adventure to the BIG APPLE! I am really excited because I'm shooting my webdesigner Scott Clauson's wedding. Scott and Esther will be married at The Palm House which is a botanical garden in Brooklyn. The wedding is going to be nothing short of amazing and beautiful and lots of fun! Here is a shot from The Palm House's website.

I met Scott when he was going to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, sometime last year. I contracted him to do my website because he was the perfect blend of technical and artistic. He did an amazing job capturing my vision for my online presentation. His fiance Esther's family is from New York and that is why they are flying me and my assistant over for their wedding. Simon's wife and my girlfriend are coming along for the ride... And the shopping! We shoot on Friday and will have the weekend for exploring and adventuring.

I am so honored to be taken around the world to shoot weddings and become a greater part of people's lives. I really do have the best job ever! I never imagined when God told me to start all of this four years ago that it would take me to the places I have been just in the last year. It makes me excited at the mystery of the future years that are only going to take me to other distant lands and all of the different amazing couples that I have yet to meet and photograph! It's funny when we think we understand the dreams God has for us. We become elated at this new revelation of our purpose or destiny and then years into it we realize we never really understood what it was that He was really dreaming all along.... And then we realize how much better it is! I look forward to contantly being amazed and humbled as his purposes shine through.

Thanks God for being God. For being so much more creative than me! For always believing the best for me and teaching me to do the same.

Here are a couple of shots of Scott and Esther from their engagement session that we did behind the Home Depot next to my apartment in SLO, California.