Paul + Ginny {Wedding, Carmel By-The-Sea}

Paul and Ginny had a beautiful and simply tasteful wedding in Carmel By-The-Sea. I love that Carmel isnt just Carmel; its Carmel By-The-Sea-thank-you-very-much. In the early 1900s 60 percent of Carmels houses were built by citizens who were devoting their lives to work connected to the aesthetic arts. Now it is a upscale community full of artists, galleries and quaint shops. Its no wonder that people love to get married in such a culturally rich beach town.

Paul is a real straight forward guy. He comes off pretty serious, but he really has a witty sense of humor buried behind those glasses. He told me I say awesome a lot. If I remember correctly, I think he is an English teacher. That is something an English teacher would say. Ginny just looked stunning in her dress! Everything from the red flowers to the elegant brown sash just made her glow.

Mariah Soloy Floral Design who is based out of Los Osos (15 minutes from my gallery) actually hooked me up with Paul and Ginny. She did a beautiful job creating simple bouquets that were like an explosion of red roses. I really enjoyed the curling willows that she placed into the bridesmaids bouquets. Great work Mariah and thanks for sharing the love!

Right when I shot this next image I laughed immediately because Paul pulled the same look during their engagement session. I dont know why he rolls his eyes when his most beautiful bride kisses his face, but he will get used to PDA I am sure.

Paul and Ginny met at grad school and now work together at the same high school. Since many of their guests are also faculty members it was a lot of fun to watch them work it on the dance floor. This one guy wins the award for best dancer. He was ripping it up the whole night! He must chaperone a lot of the school dances because he had some pretty sweet moves. I enjoyed watching him so much Im dedicating the next two images to him.

To read more about them check out their engagement post.