One Year Anniversary!

A whole year ago today I got married! I can remember the excited nervous feeling as I woke up. A sort of wonderfully fearful knowledge that after March 3, 2007 day my life would never be the same. Reflecting on the past year we realize that time flies when you are having fun! We are both excited and proud that we are passing the first year mark.

Its amazing how many people say that the first year is the hardest. On your wedding day {That Guy} loves to tell you this fun fact with a hearty slap on the back and the old couple you meet on your honeymoon in the Caribbean will tell you as if warning you of impending doom. Why is that?! What is up with this first year of haunting hard times?

We feel like this first year has been awesome! I cant imagine life not spent every day with my lovely wife; my best friend in the whole world. I dont miss my single days one bit. Life is way better with Anna on my side as my compliment, balancing and challenging me.

Its true that adjusting to living with a woman has been hard at times. But not hard-lets-get-an-annulment-hard. Hard more like hard-to-understand why there are (decorative) towels in the bathroom that I am not allowed to use. And hard in the sense that everything I do or dont do now affects (positive or negative) this person that I have promised to share the rest of my life with.

My single guy friends ask me if marriage is hard. I tell them marriage is not the hard thing; my selfishness is. The hardest part of marriage is hurting the heart of the woman I love and looking into her sad face as if into a mirror and being confronted with how unkind and careless I can be. I remember standing at the alter just a year ago vowing to love and serve my new bride. Promising to lay down my rights and consider her above myself. Discovering my selfishness is what I signed up for. Everyday I have countless opportunities to demonstrate love and humility. Everyday I must choose to apologize and forgive and allow Love to cover a multitude of selfishness. If that is what is considered hard than I am grateful for the hardness which refines us into much better lovers and friends.

We are venturing out to Napa for a sweet little getaway. We are excited to spend a lot of quality alone time together. We will do our best to relax while getting massages, taste as much wine as possible and even try out a game of (non-virtual) tennis.

Cheers to all who have loved and supported us during this amazing first year in our journey. Thanks so much for being here with us in person or spirit. We look forward to celebrating many more years to come!