Kenji + Tene {Engagement, San Luis Obispo}

Upon meeting Kenji for the first time at my gallery he pointed out that I had no African Americans pictured on my walls. I knew immediately that I was going to love this guy!

We always offer people something to drink when they come over and Kenji requested something on the stiffer side so Anna quickly mixed up some pomegranate martinis (AMAZING!). We sat in my gallery sipping away getting to know each other before venturing out for their engagement session. Not many people accept our offer for something to drink, probably because they feel shy, but Kenji made it real clear that he is a straight forward mellow guy who just likes to cruise. It meant a lot to us that they spent some time chatting and enjoying a drink with us.

We also got some shots around my house to loosen things up a bit. Kenji loved my neighbors mustang and asked to get a couple pictures with the car. I told him it was fine as long as he included Tene. He was intending on it, he told me, he wanted it to look like it was their car.

In every photo shoot I am always looking for what I like to call {The Love}. The Love is when the scenery is beautiful and the lighting is perfect and most importantly the chemistry between the couple is firing. Thats when I get my favorite photographs. They are usually the images that are serendipitous and the most original; like icing on the cake. For Kenji and Tene this happened in front of a cherry blossom tree located on the backside of Madonna Mountain. I have been in love with these trees lately because I have been seeing them blooming in the most random places up and down California. The pink and white colors just explode off the tapestry of any scenery. Something special happened when I asked them to stand in front of this most colorful tree. They forgot about me. They smiled, they laughed, exchanged a tender moment and my wife and I got the most amazing shots!

Thank you guys for sharing {The Love} with me and the world around you!