Rolando + Megan {Engagement, Capitola}

Before meeting Rolando and Meg I never knew that Capitola even existed! It is this colorful and cozy little beach town hiding near Santa Cruz. Anna and I thoroughly enjoyed our time hanging with and photographing Rolando and Meg. We met at Shadowbrook Restaurant where they both worked and met. It is this beautiful restaurant surrounded by a botanical garden right on the Soquel Creek. We got a few shots at the restaurant for old times sake and then walked to the beach. We finished off the evening having dinner at Shadowbrook. It was refreshing talking about life, love and marriage as they prepare for a wedding just weeks away.

They shared with us how amazing it has been for their relationship to have pre-marital counseling with their pastor. I always get excited when couples put as much preparation if not more into their marriage as they do their wedding. The wedding is supposed to be a one day event. Marriage is supposed to be a lifetime. Rolando and Megan have been examining their backgrounds, cultural differences and preconceptions about marriage. It has helped them discover the various strengths and weaknesses each person brings to the relationship. They are learning how their past affects their current relationship and how to change so as not to negatively affect their future together. A good book they are reading is Saving your marriage before it starts. They even began reading this before they were engaged. They read the book together, then do the workbook exercises separately and then discuss the answers with each other. It has brought up issues that they would have not foreseen otherwise. It will give them so many tools to face the challenges of love and compromise in the years ahead.

I challenge any couples out there who are engaged or close to it to take this on-line Couple Quiz. It is a sample from the curriculum that they are going through to prepare for one of the most amazing and challenging journeys that they will ever take.

We look forward to the big day!