One Month Anniversary.

Garrett and Ashlee got married one month ago today. Well... yesterday considering that the 2nd of January just slipped into midnight. The wedding was beautiful, romantic, peaceful, and an amazing celebration. There was only one major problem. We ran out of daylight. Avila Beach has this GI-NORMOUS mountain between paradise and the nueclear power plant which is great for hiding Diablo Canyon but not so great for early evening photo shoots. I could have my flashes and worked with the couple for a bit longer, but there really is nothing like the purity and presence of natural light. Besides, once the sun went down the tempurature dropped a hundred degrees and there was a soon to be frostbitten bridal party of 20 waiting for me to finish shooting the bride and groom. So, I called it. We headed to the reception and I was hearbroken that we didn't get more time on the golf range or the beach for at least a handful of breathtaking images of the couple in solitude. Garrett and Ashlee have ordered the most amazing album that I offer; Queensberry's hand made albums crafted all the way from New Zealand. This fact sunk me further into depression. Having a Queensberry album without pictures of the bride and groom alone is like having cake without icing.

So, to continue my long story, thus making it longer, I begged them to let me take them out today (yesterday) for a little one month anniversary private photo shoot. It was so much fun that I think I might start doing it more often! Linda Renfro, the Avila Beach Resort coordinator was kind enough to escort us by golf cart around the beautiful grounds. We got all of the shots I needed and then some. After our visit to the resort we drove onto the beach and got our feet wet until our legs went numb. Here are some of the pictures I got today as well as the slideshow of some of my favorites from their wedding just one month ago. Happy Anniversary Garrett and Ashlee! Thanks for being so awesome to take the time to go out today and thanks for being my friend.