Happy Hollywood Newyear!

Wow! That was the funnest New Years Eve party ever! Probably in the history of time. The theme was Hollywood which was appropriate because we just shot a wedding there the day before. Simon and Brook hosted the party at their house and as usual Simon pulled off a sweet glam rocker costume whereas Brook looked like an elegant movie star. I'm not exactly sure what I was going for. I just kinda pulled stuff out of the closet until I found my look. Somewhere between a 70's country-nerd-rocker and an ecentric record producer.

It was a legit New Year's party complete with bottle rockets ricotcheing in the backyard, wild dancing, champagne, and even a midnight ballon drop in the hallway. I wasn't sure why we were all cramming in the hallway until the countdown ended and Matt pulled the sheet that held the ballons.

I am excited about all that this year has in store. All of the new people I will get to meet/photograph and all of the places that I will travel. AND...... I will be married! That's going to be pretty cool. I hope everyone continues to enjoy my photo journal. I will keep updating as much as possible. I have really had fun sharing my heart and adventures. God bless you and your families this new year.