Believe it or not, Jessie and Sophie are sisters. Sophie came over on boxing day (what the english call the day after Christmas) to visit Darren and Jessie for a week or so. Darren and Jessie are the couple that caused me to realize I wanted to be a real professional all-the-time-wedding-photographer. Because of that they will always hold a special place in my heart. It was 4 years ago last September 16th, I think. I shot their wedding with one of my first film cameras a 35mm Canon Rebel G. It was a real inspiring wedding, which thrust me into a world of photography that I didn't even notice before. I am really amazed where God has taken me in these short 4 years and I am so blessed to do something I love. It makes me want to see everyone I meet doing their 'thing that they love'. Darren and Jessie's 'thing' is actually Music Lab, a guitar school here in San Luis. It is a rockin' school and Darren is an amazing teacher. I've learned a few hot licks from him myself. The pictures of Jessie were a birthday present and also potential cover material for a solo album.

Sophie on the other hand is an incredible Jazz singer and needs some shots for a portfolio to perform as a session backup vocalist. Check out a couple of her songs on her myspace. We didn't have much time to plan the shoot so I shot most of these in my backyard and in front of my blue garage. The red doors are only a couple blocks away. I've been excited to shoot in my new neighborhood and this was the perfect opportunity. Hope you enjoy!

And then Jessie took the camera away from me and snapped up this juicy image!