Matt & Pam in Nevada

I’ve shot a lot of weddings in the past few weeks and therefore haven’t had much time to share. Since I’m in a hotel room in Carson Valley watching The Breakup I figured I could share about today. I just had the pleasure of shooting a wedding in Genoa, somewhere between Lake Tahoe and Reno. Genoa’s great boast is having the Oldest Thirst Parlor in Nevada (since 1833). It’s a pretty sweet ol’ town with tons of history and plenty of Harleys.

Matthew and Pam were amazing! Their love for one another was evident from my first phone call with Pam over a year ago even before she was engaged. Pam had found me through a mutual friend who was visiting in Reno and was determined to have me photograph her wedding. A great friendship and genuine love make for beautiful and romantic wedding pictures throughout the entire day. Here are just a few of my favorites from Simon and I.