Paparazzi Birthday Party... #27!

So my wonderful girlfriend threw me a surprise paparazzi birthday party last Friday night! I was blindfolded and she led me into her backyard only to find myself being photographed by all of my friends. I was really confused especially since Jeff Newsom was dressed as me with a 'Cameron Ingalls mask' he had made out of an enlarged photo, matt board and shoe string. My friend Ben Brown was laying on the ground hiding behind a plant with an exaggerated camera made from stuff he found around the warehouse where he works. Once I realized that not everybody was dressed as me and that I stood at the end of a red carpet someone explained that I was the celebrity and they... the paparazzi! We had a great evening hanging out, eating dinner and a bit of strobe-light dancing which brought the cops knocking at the door. Anna's mother politely apologized and saved me from incarceration. Thank goodness, I had 2 weddings to shoot that weekend! ;) Here are a few more point-and-shoot pictures from the party. Enjoy!

Here's me giving me a lesson on the big camera! Man I'm a good teacher...and learner!

Jeremy Davenport made a cake that said, "Fall in love with THIS moment!" Funny........ Real funny.

Did I mention my wonderful girlfriend?! She is simply wonderful. However, that isn't me... or is it? I'm still confused.