How Amaaaaaazing is this?!

It's funny what arrives in the mail on random Saturday afternoons. I am photographing Katie Maki's wedding next summer. I ran into her and her mother at the CCWP bridal faire in January. They were surprised to find me photographing weddings because I went to school (K-12) with Katie's older sister Sarah and lived only a couple of blocks down the street. I thought Sarah Maki was the cutest girl in the whole 1st grade and had a little secret crush on her at the time. Check her out, she is 2 girls down on the left in the front row of chairs. Pretty cute, huh?

Well, Sarah and Katie's mother, Rhonda, is really awesome and keeps sending me notes and pictures about how Katie is doing in her new home of Kentucky. I guess her fiance Michael moved out there to manage a restaurant while Katie is finishing up school. She had her first tornado warning recently and didn't know what to do so she hid in the bathtub. It's really cool to learn about Katie's life a bit more through Rhonda's letters. When I opened her last letter with this picture enclosed I laughed out loud and exclaimed 'Ohhhh my gosh!'

Green tank top and big ears. Yes, that is me! Grade school was rough with those huge wind catchers attached to my head. Kids used to make fun of me in the weirdest ways... I remember kids calling me 'Camera!' and they would follow with, 'Take a picture of me!' Funny how things work out sometimes. ;)