Matt + Brooke {Engagement, San Luis Obispo}

We had quite the adventure with Matt and Brooke the other day for their engagement session. Matt actually used to live in San Luis Obispo so he had an idea of the environment and style of SLO town. They wanted both an urban feel with some corrugated metal as well as a more natural feel with some shots under a canopy of trees. So we started out at a random upholstery warehouse and the train tracks just across the street. Then Matt suggested we go to Montana De Oro and shoot under the countless rows of eucalyptus tress. I had another (brilliant) idea. I suggested driving Perfumo Canyon road over the huge mountain that separates San Luis from Avila Beach to reach a more secluded spot with a similar look. It was a fabulous idea and I was pretty much everybodys hero until we walked back to the car and realized that the battery was dead from my hazard lights, making us stranded on a dirt road surrounded by nothing but cows and impending nighttime. The other problem was that I didn’t get cell-reception at the car and had to hike up a hill in order to squeeze out a bar or two. First off I called AAA and they said that the tow truck company had never heard of where I was. Great! Then I called a bunch of different friends, but no one was home. Finally my faithful friend (and 2nd shooter) Simon was able and willing to make the drive to the middle of nowhere to rescue us. Matt and I walked back down the hill and through the trees expecting to wait another 30 minutes. When we arrived at the car my wife Anna turns the key one last time and it fires up! Whoohooo!!! I felt a little silly through it all but Matt and Brooke kept reassuring me that it was a grand adventure. We ended up going out for Thai food at Matts favorite spot and talking well into the evening. You guys are an amazing couple and I just love how well you fit together. You really bring out light and life in each other when you interact. You are going to have an awesome marriage and a beautiful long lasting friendship!