The Green Piano is Following Me

This is one of my favorite shots from the summer. It was taken in the cluttery-est dressing room Ive seen in a long time. The bride was stunning and really fun to work with. I spotted the green piano off in the corner immediately and just knew that it had the potential to turn the chaos of this dressing room into peaceful elegance. I asked the bride is she was willing to climb on top of the dusty old piano. Without hesitation she responded, yes!

It has been a personal goal of mine this season to not hold back; to try everything I imagine in my little mind. Or at least to offer my creative ideas to the bride and groom with the option to not accept. This was one such moment. I could have brushed the idea aside with the prediction it would be denied. I could have done the classic bride shot in window light, but I went for it and I am so glad!

Randomly went to Oklahoma last week for a little vacation to visit friends. I walk through their door and the first thing I see is this same green piano. Amazing! They happen to have one of the cutest little boys alive so I spent spontaneous moments photographing his every day life. One such moment was when he was sitting on the piano bench. After a few shots of him hanging there he decided to take it to the next level and asked with his grunts and pointings to be placed on top of the piano! I was thrilled and shot my heart out.

Chris (Ezras dad) is pretty much a musical genius. Here he is plunking away at the keys. On our last night in Oklahoma a thunderstorm hit. We turned off all the lights, opened the windows, lit some candles, cracked open a bottle of wine and listened as Chris played his viola along with some music he created on his computer. Check out Emerys post for the full story and listen to this little clip Emery filmed of one of the songs he shared with us during the storm. Would someone please discover Chris Clark and start paying him lots of money to make music like this all the time?!