I am in the great state of Ohhhhhk-laaaaaa-HOMA(where the wind comes whistling down the plain)! I am visting some of my best-est friends in the universe; Joel Limpic, Chris + Emery + Ezra Clark. Whenever I told people last week I was going to Oklahoma for vacation I was met with the same blank stare and question; Why?! My answer is, Friends. People really make Oklahoma such a wonderful place! Yesterday we went shopping at my favorite store on earth, Blue 7. And today we are going to hang in Brick Town, where everything is made of bricks; even the grass.

This little guy is my 2 year old friend Ezra who I have had the pleasure of seeing him grow into his skin over the years. He will be a heartbreaker someday. To hear all about the adventures of Motherhood check out Emerys ever-growing popular blog; moms are for everyone!. I adore the way Emery writes the most simple things in the most interesting way. You really feel like you are in her head listening to her thoughts. I so pleased to spend my weekend off here and I am really enjoying my friends.