Lake Shasta Vacation

I just got done with the busiest couple of weeks of my summer! In 2 weeks I shot 2 weddings in Washington, turned 29, spent 5 days on a house boat at Lake Shasta with my family, and shot 3 more weddings across California. And I feel AWESOME!

I have so many weddings to blog that you just have to wait on those. For now, I thought I would share a bit of our sweet Shasta wakeboarding photos. It was fun pretending to be a wakeboard photographer.

We packed 17 people on this 3 story floating mobile home. Brother Joel found this cozy little cove for us to make our headquarters. The lake water is decreasing so quickly that every day we had to physically push it off shore and re-park so that we wouldnt end up high and dry. Then us men stood on either shore pulling ropes connected to the bow and staking them so that the wind wouldn’t push the boat into the rocks at night. There were some hilarious moments when my brothers and I played tug-of-war with a 1 ton boat separating us. We were dragged into the water at times when the wind pulled the boat away from us.

Joel had the best moves. Here is his buttery back flip.

Joels wife Morgan is my inspiration. She is a track-jock like Joel and Anna and mother to my sweet little barrel-chested nephew Ethan, so I figure if she can do it, I had better.

Anna took me on my first ever wakeboard family vacation 3 years ago when we were {just friends}. I was so nervous to wakeboard because Ive never really been athletic. I tried it out that year and didnt like it much, but figured if I was going to possibly date and then marry this chick then I better swallow my fear and just learn to love the sport.

Well here I am trying my best to not faceplant and drink-up whats left of the lake water. I played it real safe this year considering I had 2 weddings to shoot the weekend after the trip. I focused on getting comfortable with my footing and making small jumps.

Overall the vacation was refreshing and relaxing. Im ready to edit like crazy and shoot a dozen more weddings before the year is out!