Marty + Sarah {Port Angeles, WA}

This wedding was incredibly special to me because Marty and Sarah are not only freaking awesome people, but they are also my family. Its a long story so I wont get into it right now because this about their wedding, not me! ;)

Marty and Sarah got married at this amazing outdoor art museum. Its basically 5 acres of forest with random art pieces blending into the natural setting. A hillside covered in starched kid sweaters, a path sprinkled with shards of glass, a random mirror cradled in the limbs of a tree, a grove of trees dressed in tutus, a labyrinth of rocks in a grass meadow are just a few of the things that brought character to Marty and Sarahs already unique wedding.

Years ago Sarahs friend (who was also one of her bridesmaids) decided it was a good idea to hook up Sarah and Marty. Through much effort, prodding and pushing she got them to talk on the phone. Much to both of their surprise they hit it off from 2 states away. Marty decided this girl was worth a flight to San Diego to meet in person. That trip sealed their fate and after Marty returned home, he sent this straight-to-the-point love note. Sarah sent it back to him knowing that someday she would have the note to keep as a reminder of just the beginning of their lifelong love story.

Sarah has an obsession with pink flamingos. So much so that she could tell you the entire history of the pink flamingo cult that came out of the 60s. Seriously, don’t get her going about it. ;) But, if you are a sucker for cool lesser-known facts then by all means ask away. Their wedding was surrounded by flocks of these plastic birds. This flamingo was the outcast who let people know where the smoking section was located.

Martys 3 sons were his groomsmen. Julian, the youngest loved the camera.

I had such an amazing time meeting family from the Ingalls side for the first and second time. I felt so at home and cant wait to go back to visit. The following day Marty and Sarah took me to an old mill for a trash the dress shoot. I will post those images next. Stay tuned!