Charlie + Autumn {Willows Lodge, Washington}

Charlie and Autumn were both intense and hilarious. Allow me to clarify; they were intensely in love and hilariously joyful! They made everyone around them break into wide mouthed smiles with occasional moments of side-splitting laughter.

Simon and I flew out for Washington last weekend for a double feature. Charlie and Autumn started out the wedding festivities on Friday. They got married at the beautiful and serene resort Willows Lodge in Woodinville, Washington. There was this amazing herb garden that backlit their wedding ceremony. Autumns father read a passage from Peter Rabbit about toys becoming real. The pastor then explained that to become real means that you will experience all that real people do; pain and pleasure. He spoke about marriage offering both as well. That its not some blue sky kite flying picnic. It was a real different and amazing message! Everything was awesome; especially the love that overflowed from Charlie and Autumn. Thanks so much for having me!

Autumn gave Charlie an hour glass exactly an hour before the ceremony. Cuoooote!

Remember Charlie + Autumns engagement pictures? We shot in downtown Seattle. I am so glad that we came up in April for that shoot and meeting. It made showing up for the wedding that much more exciting!