Jerome + Rebekah, 7.7.07

I know I'm blogging an enormous amount of pictures about this wedding, but I don't care! It's safe to say this was the most 'different' wedding I have had the pleasure of photographing... With skeet-shooting, a motocross race, and all night dancing; this party was off the hook!

I photographed Jerome + Rebekah's engagement pictures a couple of months ago. Check them out here.

Since getting to know their story I understand why they have such a huge community of family and friends around that love them. They are warm and welcoming and besides… they know how to throw a great party! And that’s what this wedding was; an extension of Jerome and Rebekah. So much so that Jerome convinced Rebeckah to allow guns and motorcycles. Rebekah didn't care as long as she had her 6 hours on the dance floor.

Rebekah's father is the keyboard player for the San Luis Jazz band. They played all sorts of covers including surprises like, 'Can't touch this' and 'Big Butts'. It was hilarious because the guy on guitar (who looks as white as can be) sang the rap songs! When the Jazz band finally wrapped up at 11:00 a D.J. was standing by to cover the rest of the night. I left around 11:30 but the party wasn't supposed to be done until at least 2:00am! If I didn't have my wife waiting for me at home, I would have stayed. Thanks guys for an amazing wedding party and for sharing your lives with me!