Queensberry Album: Garrett + Ashlee

We just received Garrett + Ashlee's Queensberry album from New Zealand and we are so pleased with how wonderful it turned out! Queensberry is by far the most sophisticated, elegant and timeless album company in the world (in our 'professional' opinion). This album is designed here in our studio and sent all the way across the world to be printed, matted and bound exactly as we created it to be. There is really no limit to the design except our creativity. We try to keep the pages simple and profound. We strive to show off each image as an individual work of art that can stand alone while demonstrating the power that a group of images has to tell a story.

I love the way we can insert flip pages so that the album can open up revealing 4 panels of images spanning a length of 60 inches. The pages above of Ashlee riding in the horse drawn carriage to her groom open up to reveal different moments of the ceremony displayed sequentially in the 2 pages below.

These next to layouts were actually images we shot a month after their wedding. It turned out that we ran out of light and time on their wedding day to take beautiful portraits of the bride and groom. Instead of pushing it we decided to do another shoot at the golf course another day so that we could have a dramatic climax for the album. I am so thankful they agreed to dress up again for an after-wedding-shoot! Check out the full story here.

We also love the 7 inch parent albums that are exact flush mount replicas of the full album complete with flip out pages.