Josh + Michele, Santa Ynez, CA

One of the issues that I encounter frequently when I first go to photograph a couple is what I like to call ‘the self-declared unphotogenic groom’. This is why I require my couples to have a complimentary engagement session; to get over the awkward. Josh was such the character who was convinced that he didn’t look good in photos. He was so convinced that the majority of the engagement pictures were on the stiffer side. I have to give him credit, however, because he really loosened up after he realized that it didn’t hurt half as much as he predicted. By the end of the engagement session he admitted that he surprisingly had a lot of fun. We went out for a little dinner afterwards and became good friends.

Michele and Josh are as opposites personality wise as you can get. Michele is a hair stylist and LOVES to talk. She can talk all day long to whoever sits in her chair and then get off of work and talk well into the evening with whoever will listen; mostly Josh. Josh is completely on the strong silent type side. Which makes for good balance because Michele talks and Josh lovingly listens. Going into the wedding I thought I was ready for Michele to be bubbling over and Josh to be a little bit of work. I was wrong. Josh just worked it right out of the gate. He made sure his groomsmen were prepared to do whatever I wanted because ‘Cameron is a cool photographer’.

The whole day was filled with love and laughter. Josh and Michele celebrated in style at the Firestone Vineyard in Santa Ynez. The rockin' Joe LaBarbera spun the tunes and Camilla did a bang up job with the floral decorations and boquets as usual. I couldn’t believe that they have been together since they were like 14 and 15; a little over 10 years! This was truly the wedding of the century for all who knew them.

And to end the night... Michele and I put our best modeling faces on for this self-portrait.