Happy Mother's Day!

Here is a friendly reminder that I found on a gate at The Dana Power's House a couple of weeks ago whilst shooting a wedding. I really should call my mother more. I can't imagine having a kid that lives 30 minutes away and rarely seeing him. Thinking about this whole 'Mother's Day business' I realized that everyday is 'Kid's Day' and we only celebrate mothers once a year. Up until our 18th birthday we get 6,552 days devoted to us as kids and moms get a measly 18 during our childhood lives. Kinda jacked if you ask me! Unconditional motherly love is really something priceless that we will never be able to justly repay. So this goes out to my most amazing and selfless mother as well as mothers everywhere who are undervalued and underappreciated, THANK YOU!

Today we are taking my mother to the Elfin Forest for a picnic overlooking gorgeousness. Picnics are one of her favorite things! I will try my best to be extra special nice to my mother today...considering it's her day and all.