I love Engagement Pictures!

Garrett & Ashlee are an awesome couple that I photographed in May. Their wedding is not until December and will be at the Groom's parents house in San Luis somewhere around Edna Valley. It should be a beautiful winter wedding. I really can't wait! Well, I am working on some engagement picture party favors for them right now and have the chance to reflect on these awesome images. This is something I automatically include in every wedding and engament package now. We print 8-10 different images from an enagement session at 3.5x5 inches, with a nice little white border, their names, and wedding date. It is a really fun surprise gift that the guests discover when they sit down to eat their meal and find a random image on their bread plate.

I really love engagement pictures! It is such a magical season that will never happen in a couples life again. It is a great chance for me to get to know the couple. Garrett and Ashlee are my friends now. All it took was a couple hours of hanging out, playing together, talking and me getting them to do silly things in front of the camera. I end up taking a large variety of images during every engagement session. I find that there are many dimensions to each relationship and by capturing varied emotions and expressions I end up being able to tell a larger story of just who a couple really is. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!