Meet Chris + Lindsey...

Lindsey is kinda like a little sister to me. Her parents, Pat and Lori, have been very influential in my life for almost the past 10 years. Her parents helped me a lot when starting my business to ‘think business’ by being confident, setting high standards for excellence and charging what I am worth. Even more so, her parents have had a profound effect on the future of my marriage and especially on my relationship with Anna. We spent almost 14 weeks in pre-marital counseling with Pat and Lori. What an amazing time that was for us! We would recommend everyone delving into the deep level of counseling that we had prior to tying the knot…but that is another story entirely.

Lindsey met Chris when he came over to her house one day to ‘shoe’ her horse. I’m not exactly sure if that is the correct terminology for horseshoeing, so please pardon my blasphemy. However, it was something like love at first shoe and now Chris has the love of his life and Lindsey has a horseshoe-er for life! ;) It’s much more romantic than that… I just forget most of the details.

Well, Chris + Lindsey are getting hitched in October so we had an awesome adventure cruising around Santa Ynez for their engagement pictures. What beautiful valley Santa Ynez is! It has really retained a bit of that old West charm. We stumbled upon an old gas station that people have preserved outside of their home.

Chris trashed-talked Lindsey a bit when she challenged him to a bubble-blowing contest. He couldn't stop laughing when we attempted to time their bubbles together for a photo. Chris failed the contest miserably but we got some fun shots of him laughing!

Here's a shot Lindsey insisted upon getting of my wife and I. It's fun to be on the other side of the camera evey now and again, especially with such a beautiful girl!