Operation Demolition.

The sugar overdose is sure to set in... I don't imagine these kids quietly reading a book or minding their manners for at least 3 days. I'm glad they are my new family and it's nice that at the end of the Christmas adventure I was able to go home to my lonely house. It's a weird thing that getting married means I automatically am adopting 3 nephews, a niece, and whatever other children Anna's siblings can bring into this world. I really love these kids and enjoy being called 'Uncle Sauce' (a dirivitave a my nickname 'Cam-sauce').

I admit there is some serious emotional adjusting going on for me; aquiring all of this excess family. I come from a pretty simple 2 children home with only a couple cousins that I barely know and lots of passed away members. It has been a dream of mine from childhood to have large family Christmas' again with kids all over the place, presents under the tree, wine flowing like milk and enough food to feed an elfin army. Anna's family has made me feel more than welcome and has been patient enough to allow me to adjust in my time. I am excited to adopt and be adopted into this loving family. Christmas was really good for me to just saturate in their presence. My mom and dad even came over for Christmas breakfast and we had a great time introducing them to each other.

Here is a fun video of the gingerbread house's demolition. This is one of those silly traditions that they do every year, which I kinda made fun of them for at first. However, after seeing just how it brings everyone together in the creativity/destruction, I really have begun to understand and appreciate it. It is so much better than just plugging into television and sacrificing intimacy during one of the greatest divine celebrations of our year.

Thanks to the Kriwinskis and Delmores for loving me into the family and reminding me all that CHRISTmas is about. I feel closer to Christ's love because of you guys.