Brooklyn Wedding at The Palm House

I love traveling! I love meeting new people and families! I love that I get flown places and introduced to little pockets of real people in their native environments! New Yorkers are definitely a different breed from us laid back Californians; a bit more abrupt, a bit more no-nonsense. I really like learning and adapting in foreign environments, even if it's just across the country.

Scott and Esther's wedding was gorgeous! I know that I overuse the words, 'amazing' and 'awesome' so today it's 'GORGEOUS!' What else can I say?! They got married in a botanical garden in Brooklyn, New York. The fall colors have turned the trees a fiery orange red and the glass house was an amazing canopy covering their intimate ceremony. They met up prior to the wedding for pictures with their bridal party in the Japanese garden. The air was crisp and cool and there was an excitement and relief that the day was actually beginning to unfold.

Here are a few shots I got of the bride on the way to the Palm House from the Hotel. We were talking about pictures before the wedding and I told Esther how I wanted to get some shots of her on some genuine NYC streets. She admitted that she felt like she still needed to let go and really live it up. I encouraged her to embrace the day and experience all of the moments and to just allow herself to be the princess she has dreamed about since childhood. She agreed and we got some fun shots of her as soon as the limo parked on a Brooklyn neighborhood street. Simon went ahead with the guys to the Palm house and got this killer shot of the groomsmen looking awesome!

I caught this little girl shaking her Polaroid picture before the ceremony. I told her, 'Zoie, you will ruin the picture by shaking it in the air. It's best and fastest if you just blow on it.' Matter of factly she replied, 'Not-ah! You are s-pposed to shake it. My daddy told me so.' It was impossible to argue with her, which I ashamedly tried, I was reminded of what childlike faith was in her simple words, 'My Daddy told me so.'

"The kingdom of heaven belongs to five year olds." -Tozer

Thanks so much Scott and Esther for having me and thanks to your family and friends for making me feel welcome and loved. I am having such an amazing time with my friends here in the city for our little after-wedding-vacation! What a way to end such a busy busy wedding year!