Sam + Grace {Wedding, Pasadena}

Sam and Grace are the sweetest couple on earth! Sam is a soft-spoken gentleman and Grace is so full of compassion; she kept checking on us to make sure we were fed and watered. We had to remind her that we were the hired-help and that she needed to focus on having fun and being the center of attention.

They needed to have all of the portraits taken before the wedding because of a double reception planned for afterwards. It was a fantastic idea considering by the time we got to Reception #2 the sun was dropping fast and we wouldnt have had enough light. I know there are a ridiculous amount of pictures here but I dont care; I love them all!

I just love this shot! The ceremony was so intimate and profound. Im not a very traditional guy, but moments like these were dripping heavy with honor and love. I wonder how I will do when I pass off my daughter-to-be someday. I will probably be weeping my face off. I love this sweet smile from the brides father as he proudly passes on his little girl.

The reception was gorgeous! It was at the Villa Del Sol D'oro in Sierra Madre. Its a high school that doubles as a venue as well as location for the occasional movie set. When I saw the candles lighting up the tables I felt like I was whisked through time and across the world.

I adore this quiet moment that my wife shot. So perfect. So sacred.

The reception was full of surprises including Grace busting out a beautiful song! I had no idea how amazing of a voice she has. She didnt tell us that she was so talented when we shot their engagement pictures last month. I guess if she did, we would have asked her to sing.