True Beauty

dove evolution

This is amazing.... A good friend of mine, Kenny Morgan, sent this to me last week with the words, 'This will really make you think'. Thanks Kenny for always encouraging me and challenging me. You are a good friend!

This video reminds me that true beauty isn't perfection. We live in a society that paints a picture or 'Photo Shops a picture' of what beauty should be and then billboards it as truth. When really beauty comes from the character within. I'm no Photo Shop guru so most of my pictures are only lightly edited of blemishes or distractions. I love capturing people as they are in reality. When a person is expressing their true self in front of the camera THAT IS BEAUTY.

This one made me get a bit weepy. I really believe it is the parents job to communicate with their children just how beautiful and valuable they are regardless of the media world around them. That kind of communication can only come from time and love spent together. Have you ever met a girl that knows she is loved? That knows she is beautiful? That kind of girl has amazing parents who have succeeded in dispelling the Hollywood-beauty-myth by communicating worth and love in ways that make her unshakable. I really hope to be that kind of a parent someday. Unfortunately, in an age of dead-beat-dads and broken homes these kind of girls are a rare breed.