Under Construction!

I feel like my life has been turned upside down, shaken together and poured out all over the table and now I'm trying to reassemble the peices into a new almost married orderly fashion. So I might be a little melodramatic, but getting engaged really has ruined my life!... and I know it is all for the better. Since coming home from New York a month ago we have hit the ground running with wedding planning. Within the first week we booked our venue and the rest of our vendors. We even began looking for houses to move me and my business into until Anna joins me after the wedding. The first place we found we fell in love with! A 100 year-old house downtown San Luis Obispo complete with hardwood floors, broken fireplace, dining room, 3 bedrooms, rickety garage, front porch, and a couple of lemon trees barely making it in a suffering brown front lawn. It was really hard to walk through it and not plan out where my office would be and how we could fix up the guest room AND it has a garage for our scooters too!!! Well, we applied for it with one other couple before us on the list and prayed as many times as we either thought or talked about it, which was a lot! We didn't even want to look at anything else.

About a week later we got the call, 'Do you want to live on Toro street?!' We just couldn't believe it! Everything seemed to be falling perfectly into place. God was really blessing us with instant provision. Just 2 weeks after getting engaged we got this house that would be perfect for both of our businesses and our brand-new-ly-wedded-selves. We signed the lease just a couple days before going on a week's thanksgiving trip to my friend's house in Bend, Oregon. We were welcomed across the border by a Oregonian posing as a hot-air-sumo-wrestler. We thought it weird but people just do things differently in Oregon. It was an awesome week spent with family and friends at my friend Jesse's house. I was awoke every morning to the sound of munchkins screaming and playing or calling my name, 'Tio Cameron!' I love being an uncle, even if I am just a funkle (fake+uncle=uncle). Here are some pictures and videos from my time in Oregon. The breaker is my bro-in-law, Toby. He and my sister are amazingly good at break dancing....for white people. ;) And a little love from my good friend from high school, Andy Weber. This is his 'sexy dance'.

Since coming home from Bend I have been moving my belongings and office and cleaning up the old Cameron Ingalls headquarters and trying my best to make this 100 year-old house into a home. I actually hate moving. Reason being that for the month or so it takes to move I suffer from Displacement-Syndrome. What is Displacement-Syndrome, or DS, as we call it? It is when I pack up everything that makes my current dwelling a 'home' into boxes and drive these possesions across town. Then I fill this new house with all my stuff and it doesn't really feel like home until everything is set up and has its place. After a couple weeks of stumbling around looking for things I finally develop systems and habits that make the house into a home and by then the DS usually subsides.

Anna has been amazing help as always and is even particular about what 'stuff' I bring into 'our new home.' It has really been an adjustment of perspective. Kinda hard and awkward at times but it is also very good. It is comforting and exciting to know that I will never have to move into another 'new home' alone; that Anna is more my home than any house or condo. I have a lot of learning to do with all of this engagement/marriage stuff. At times I feel like I don't know who I am anymore, being so newly and emphatically engaged, but I think that it is a really important step for me and for us.

I really want to post some pictures of my vacation in Bend and also the progress of the new home, but Blogger is being difficult and I think a bit grumpy since it's cleary past bed-time. Maybe tomorrow I will add the necessary illustrations. Oh, yeah! And I believe my website is temporarily floating lost in cyber-space while my web-master works out some changes before finishing the new site. Did I say NEW WEBSITE?! Stay tuned.