3 Years Later.....

Marriage is still cool! I stood by Chris and Emery 3 years ago on their wedding day and wept like a baby. Since then they have brought new life into this world and moved to Oklahoma City. They just celebrated 3 years together and I thought it might be cool to show a bit of an AFTER wedding report. They have faced their share of trials and questioned their life, their love for one another, God's plan.... the usual. Through it all LOVE has prevailed. God's blessing has remained.

Chris was out of town for their 3 year anniversary a couple weeks ago. He couldn't figure out what to do for Emery that would make his absence up to her. Our friend Joel suggested flowers. Chris knew it had to be more than that. He decided to rewrite his vows yet with the matured perspective and love that these 3 passing years have afforded him. Here is his anniversary gift to his wife. This video card was simply made on his Macbook in the control room of a recording studio where he was on lock-down for the day. I am blown away by his love and dedication to his wife and family after all the infatuation and glitter have faded into daily routine. Way to go Chris. You just officially made every husband out there so less cool than you. What a great gift!

These pictures were a couple of my first engagement pictures ever when I started my business 4 years ago. My office consisted of a desk, computer, and scanner that fit squarely under Chris' bunk bed. It was tight in those days but I knew I was following my dream. Amazing to think where I have come and also where Chris and Emery have as well.