Tim + Mindy {Wedding, Pismo Beach}

Tim and Mindy had a beautiful Friday wedding in Pismo Beach. Fridays are the new Saturdays. I love that if people throw a Friday celebration that it is an opportunity for people to prove that they really love the couple enough to get a day off of work. It seems that a lot of people really love Tim and Mindy because not only did they have to get off work, but most of them had to travel from Hanford.

San Luis Obispo is a wedding destination hotspot for people who live inland. Ive had the pleasure of photographing many couples from Hanford already. I guess it’s a small town because most of them know (of) each other.

The ceremony was held at St. Pauls Catholic Church in Pismo Beach. The reception was in the beautiful backgarden of Giuseppes Italian Restaurant. The food was amazing, the bar was hoping, and everyone was enjoying their time together!

Directly after the ceremony we walked next door to the police station for some photographs in front of the beautiful brick walls. One officer kindly invited us behind the closed gate to shoot under the archways inside of a quiet secret courtyard. When I saw the officer approach the gate I was worried we would get asked to leave, but instead were invited in! Thanks Pismo PD!

Tim and Mindy were a lot of fun to work with! Mindy was totally beaming and relaxed; she was the perfect bride! Tim kept making me laugh. He is a character and helped make the pictures light hearted. Check out their totally rad engagement pictures as well.

Giuseppes has the best Italian food around! If you ever come to Pismo Beach or San Luis Obispo, be sure to stop by for some lunch or dinner.