A Jose Villa Workshop {Guadalajara, Mexico}

My good friend Jose Villa just announced that registration is open for his 2008 Mexico Wedding Photography workshop. I am thrilled and honored that he asked me to be a guest speaker!

I have admired Joses fine art photography for the past few years. We have become friends over a year ago and ever since he has only become an even greater inspiration to me. He shot some Super 8 at my wedding as well as a little medium format. It was breathtaking to say the least. Jose is one of the most generous and humble photographers I know. He has created a real niche for himself as a film photographer and yet continues to be an inspiration to all types of photographers around the world.

The workshop is taking place in a 350 year old Hacienda in Guadalajara, Mexico this November. There will be two dates and a limit of 12 photographers per class. It is my goal to be responsible for booking 3 photographers personally. So if you have ever wanted to attend a Cameron Ingalls workshop now is your chance to get a little bit of the Ingalls love and a lot of Jose Villa. It will be a priceless experience for sure!

Check out the Super 8 footage Joel Serrato shot from last years workshop. Spaces will book up fast especially after this weeks photography convention in Vegas where Jose will further announce the workshop.