The Lazo Family (Colorado)


Jeff and Caitlin have been long time friends; ever since I was a college student. When I was just 19 I would shop at the camera store where they worked to buy film and paper for making my own prints in my photo class' darkroom. Crazy that around 12 years later they own and run my incredible print lab, ProDPI, where I get all of my prints and books made for our wedding and portrait clients. Maybe it's my darkroom printing background that has kept me from giving up the art of printing pictures on paper. Does that make me a little old school? Maybe! There is just nothing like a beautiful print with the texture of the matte finish, the bold colors, and the moment forever frozen in time displayed on paper. I digress. This is about Jeff and Caitlin... and Ryland! Ryland is their newest family member of 2 years-ish and he's one of the sweetest little guys you'll meet. We were in Colorado recently to shoot a wedding and had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the Lazos. It was so much fun to get to know Ryland on a day to day basis. He played brilliantly with our little man, Asher. Parents are proud by such things as these. I couldn't help but reminisce about our long standing relationship when I was photographing their growing family. I remember talking to them at that camera shop 10 years ago about an idea Jeff had to start printing big images for local photographers. I remember when they opened a print lab in their garage in San Luis Obispo. I remember when they moved PRO DPI to a real store front. I remember hiding behind some rocks at Pebble Beach playing paparazzi while Jeff proposed. I remember attending their wedding and celebrating their new life together. I remember Anna photographing Ryland when he was just a baby. I remember their business growing so big that they moved to Denver, Colorado. And now I remember the lovely weekend we spent with their awesome family. I love that we were able to capture this sweet time in their story.