The Clark Family (Oklahoma City)


Man... good friends like these don't just come by everyday. I've never ugly-cried so much at a wedding as I did the day I stood by Chris and Emery's 8 years ago. Something about these two... they've burrowed a place in my heart that time and distance can't uproot. Last month we spent a crazy few weeks touring the country hitting 3 different states and staying with 3 different friends. Oklahoma City was the first stop. People laughed when we told them we were going to OKC for a vacation because the place we live is where a lot of people vacation. But when the friends are right, vacation can be anywhere.

Chris was my college roomie. I started my business at a desk under his bunk-bed. We've shared so much together that it would get really long and sappy if I began to share it all. I photographed these two when they were newly engaged and I was a new photographer. They've been through my story with me and I've been through theirs. I photographed their first boy, Ezra at one week old. I photographed their growing family a couple years ago after boy number 2 was a toddler. It felt like their family of five was for reals after this shoot with their newest and brightest eyed; Truman. We scrambled to shoot in the twilight of our last day there. I knocked the entire shoot out in under 15 minutes, managing to get 80 solid images; I felt proud and joyful to capture their family's love.

P.S. Emery is one of the most talented writers I know and has an enthralling blog called Moms Are for Everyone. Chris has so much musical talent that he not only plays several instruments, composes, records, and produces musicians, he also DJ's weddings and parties. He's going to be bigtime in Oklahoma City and wherever he ends up.