The Elfin Forest

Frank and Tundey are getting married in about 12 days now! We had such an adventure through the El Moro Elfin Forest of Los Osos. Tundey took us on a long walk through the woods and under some heavy brush to find this enchanted location. On first look the forest simply appears to consist of 6-10 foot tall shrubs. They are not shrubs, however, they are Pygmy Oak Trees. Why they don't call it the ‘El Moro Pygmy Forest’, I do not know!

To get to this location we actually had to duck under the heavy branches of the Pygmy Oaks that extend all way down to the ground floor. You wouldn't know that such beauty was hiding within the covering. The moss hung everywhere just inches above our heads. I was completely over stimulated by the beauty and tranquility of the place. I am constantly amazed at the beautiful and diverse locations just in my ‘backyard’ and the amazing people that I get to meet.

Speaking of backyards... I can't help but shoot in my backyard every once in awhile. Can you believe this is downtown?!

I love the engagement sessions because I really learn so much about the couples that I serve. I learned a little something about Frank just moments before this picture was taken. I learned that Frank and my wife have a common obsession/fantasy.

As we parked at the base of Bishops Peak Frank timidly asked me, “Do you ever take pictures of people with animals?”

Not knowing exactly what he meant I replied, “Yeah sometimes. Mostly people want shots with their dogs, but it's not really my thing.” Frank longingly gazed out the car window to the hillside of green grass and grazing cattle. “By the way, why do you ask Frank?”

He then confessed his fantasy, which led me to the profound understanding that my wife is not completely crazy, “I want a pet cow.”

I laughed out loud and told him that MY wife has made me promise that someday she can have a pet brown cow. While our backyard may look like acres, it's really only a couple of yards deep. The cow will have to come later in life. Much later!

As we ventured up the hillside a cow looked right at us, uttered a loud 'MOOOOOO......' This particular brown cow then proceeded to walk directly behind Frank and Tundey as if on cue. Maybe Frank will hang this picture on the wall to give him hope that one day Tundey will allow him to have his dream pet. If anyone is looking for that last wedding gift for this couple, consider a little something special for the groom. ;)